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Studfall Transfer Day Friday 13th - have a great day




Clubs at the junior school:

Board Games Club- Daily at lunch times 10 sessions a week

ICT club - lunchtimes (year groups on rotation on their ICT lesson day) 10 sessions a week

ICT club- Mon  after school 1 sessions a week

Change4Life club - Thursday lunchtime 1 session

Homework club - Monday lunchtime 1 session

D& T club 1 session per week

Gardening club x 2 per week Thursday and Friday

Games club - Friday lunchtime 1session

Outdoor games (Rounders, two ball etc. - dependant on weather and field) 1 session

Football – lunchtimes 2 sessions per week

Gymnastics - Before school on Tuesdays (Pacesetters) has a cost. 1 session

Netball - after school Mondays 1 session

Fun stations - afterschool Mondays 1 session

Cube activities - lunchtime Mondays 1 session

Goal Ball – Wednesday after school 1 session (has a cost)

Futsal- After school Tuesday (has a cost)

Corby Town Football Training Yrs 3/4- Monday after school (at a cost)

Dance Club-Thursday & Friday lunchtime 2 sessions

Cartoon & Colouring Club- lunchtimes 10 sessions




Clubs at the infant school:

Dance – Monday after school 1 session a week (has a cost)

Outdoor activities (or board games if raining) - 2 sessions a week Year 1 Monday and Tues lunch

Gym – Tuesday after school

Family games – Wednesday after school – (have had to cancel due to lack of interest)

Story time - reading and sharing stories in the library – Year 2 – Wed lunch

Board games – Year 2 Thursday lunch

Skipping club– Year 2 Friday lunch

Multi Skills club – Thursday after school – (has a cost)

French club – Thursday after school – (has a cost)

Rugby club – Friday after school – (will stop at Christmas due to low numbers)