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To all our leavers - good bye and good luck xx Have a lovely summer .





Welcome to Studfall Nursery


We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year.


We operate an open door policy which means that you are more than welcome to speak to any member of staff about any concerns you have about your child at any time. Should a member of staff not be available immediately, we will arrange to speak to you as soon as we can.




Staff in Nursery:

Mrs Horne - Red Circles

Mrs Smith (am) / Mrs Moon (pm) - Blue Triangles

Mrs Clayton (am) / Mrs Kelly (pm) - Green Squares

Mrs Levins- Nursery teaching assistant and midday supervisor




Don't forget to bring your £1 every Monday for the children's snacks.



The Sunshine Group is a preschool Mums and Tots group, held in the Family Room (next to the nursery). This is a great opportunity to get to know Studfall Nursery and helps with transition.

Groups held on:
Tuesday 9-11
Friday 9-11

Only £1 per child with a snack included. Please come and see us for lots of fun.