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Studfall Transfer Day Friday 13th - have a great day





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Staff in Nursery:

Miss Swan /Mrs Horne - Red Circles

Mrs Smith (am) / Mrs Moon (pm) - Blue Triangles

Mrs Clayton (am) / Mrs Kelly (pm) - Green Squares

Miss Thornton -Nursery teaching assistant


We would like to welcome the children back to the final term of the year!

Our final topic of the year is called 'A Magical Mystery Tour!'. It will be a magical mystery for the adults especially as we will be planning activities based on the interests of the children at the time, so we will be led by them!  Of course we have some little surprises for the children that we have already planned for. 




In addition to this, in Maths the children are also learning to count by rote, recognise numerals and count objects to ten and beyond.  This term we will also be learning more about 2D shapes and patterns.

In Phonics the children will be beginning to learn some letter sounds and orally segment words e.g man is m-a-n.  They will also be learning the shape of letters through large body movements. This will start them on the path to reading and writing, which gives them a good starting point for when they begin Reception.

To help prepare them for Reception and make the transition as smooth as possible the children will be having frequent visits to the Reception classrooms to play and to get to know their new classroom and teacher.

Key dates will follow in the Nursery newsletter and via Facebook and Groupcall.





Our Beautiful Nursery...


Mud kitchen Dinosaur smallworld play Large outdoor construction area Cars outside smallworld play


 Musical cave Natureinvestigation area Indoor construction area Maths area Jungle den quiet area


Music area  Smallworld play Mark making area  Messy play Reading area  Smallworld play  jigsaws home corner  



We operate an open door policy which means that you are more than welcome to speak to any member of staff about any concerns you have about your child at any time. Should a member of staff not be available immediately, we will arrange to speak to you as soon as we can.


Don't forget to bring your donation every Monday for the children's snacks

The Sunshine Group is a preschool Mums and Tots group, held in the Family Room (next to the nursery). This is a great opportunity to get to know Studfall Nursery and helps with transition.
Group is held on:
Tuesday 9-11
Only £1 per child with a snack included. Please come and see us for lots of fun.